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Photos, detailed instructions, benefits & contraindications – excellent reference for home practice

Yoga Basics Online Asana Instruction
Asanas, as taught in the Kripalu tradition, are organized into categories of seated, standing, supine, prone, balance and twisting postures. You will find the link to photos, names and instructions on the front page under the 'new users' section.

Yoga Journal Online Asana Instruction
Yoga Journal offers a full listing of asanas, complete with photos and full background information. You can view the asanas according to your interest and needs (search by anatomical focus, therapeutic applications or contraindications).

yoga links
Online resources concerning the physical, philosophic and spiritual aspects of yoga practice.

Yoga Journal Archive – Yoga Therapy Articles

Traditional Yoga Studies - Articles, Forums and Free Downloads

Yoga Journal Archive: Philosophy/Wisdom Articles

Om Place Yoga Article Archive

Online Yoga Glossary

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